Friday, June 09, 2006

Cookies and Dykes

This post is dedicated to Anna Ginsberg. She is this year's winner of the Annual Pillsbury Bake-off. She won a million dollars with her Baked Chicken and Spinach Stuffing recipe. I saw her on the food network. She bakes cookies every day, and she uploads a picture of them to her blog. I thought she was pretty cool.

So I decided to bake cookies and upload a picture of them to honor her. These are Paula's Loaded Oatmeal Cookies from the Paula's Home Cooking Show. They are great, and boy, was my wife surprised when she came home. Thank-you yo-yo girl for the link! Here is Anna's Blog

On another note, I wanted to say hey to all of the dykes in this year's Dyke March. Normally, I go to the march. They pass out stickers to wear at the march, and I was remembering when I was a young baby lesbian, and I wore a sticker that said "Single Dyke". Then, last year I went when I was pregnant, and I wore a sticker that said, "Dyke Mom". This year, I can't go at all because its past my sons bedtime, so now I really am a Stay At Home Dyke.

Have fun tonight everyone.


Yoyo said...

I love Paula Dean. I think this is Anna Ginsberg's blog:

googiebaba said...

Hey, thanks for the link! How did you find it?

Yoyo said...

I googled "anna ginsberg" and cookies and blog. This brought me to a page that referenced the name of her blog "cookie madness." So I included "cookie madness" in my search and it brought me right to her blog. See...I am a real librarian.

Yoyo said...

I loved the cookies.....yum....yum. Thanks.

Anna said...

Holy smokes, those look good. How come I'm just now finding these?