Monday, October 09, 2006

Don't eat your veggies

Did you see? There is a recall on lettuce because of ecoli fears.

All I can say is that if ecoli breaks out in cheez its or diet coke, I'm in big trouble.


Kim said...

I like the new layout! And, oh my gosh, if there is a recall on pretzels, I'm totally screwed.

googiebaba said...

Thanks Kim. I decided to try the new layout because Blogger insisted that I switch over to there Beta version. I like it too, but I lost a couple of my links on the way over.

I laughed when I read about the pretzels. I NEVER thought I would eat this bad, but I am just too exhausted to make myself anything.

Take care, Mary

Shanna said...

maybe it's time for everyone to start eating soylent green?

googiebaba said...

That's funny Shanna. I wish I could say that I got it right away, but I didn't. I had to look it up in wikipedia:

However, my wife laughed right off the bat,