Sunday, April 08, 2007

La femme boheme

I came back from California with the nastiest cold. I decided I should still go to work because I have only been there for a month, and I already took a couple of days of when lil’ guy was sick. I walked around Boston hacking like the female protagonist in a 19th century opera, except without the singing. People moved away from me on the train. It’s that bad.

When the weekend finally came, I got into my pajamas and laid down on the couch. I was all prepared to watch my Netflix movie, The Day I Became a Woman, which is an Iranian film about a 9 year old Muslim girl’s last day without a burka. But instead, I ran across this, The Flavor of Love Marathon, which is perfect for the Easter weekend. I watched an entire season in one sitting. When I woke up this morning, I really hated myself for it. (I am really glad New York didn't win).

BTW - I asked Jen if she thought I could have TB. She said no, she thought I had whooping cough. That is what she has seen at the hospital. Maybe I should go to the doctor.


Rosie said...


I love it that you spent a day watching Flavor Flav. Truly one of the great mysteries of mankind.

Feel better soon!

Paul said...

If you do get TB be sure to start writing a lot of poetry to go with the 19th century theme...

Rhea said...

For some reason, I have not been keeping up with your blog. I am back on. All the changes in your life!!

Keith said...

If you like, I own both FoL seasons on DVD. Because then you get to see the blurred out nipples and hear all the dirty words.

And don't forget Flavor of Love Charm School starts next week!

googiebaba said...

Hi Rosie and Paul. Thanks for the well wishes. It wasn't anything nearly as romantic as TB. Just a boring ol cold.

Hi Rhea - long time no see.

Keith - leave it to you to have Flavor of Love on DVD. You are like the Ted Turner of trash tv!

Trish, Comic Mom said...

You were in California? Why the hell didn't you call me?!?