Thursday, December 28, 2006

Enough with the Lists Already

I do not know why my year end retrospection has taken the form of ‹ol ›
‹li › ‹/ol › but I think this is probably the end of it.

5 Things I would do differently

  1. Forgo circumcision and leave the kid intact
  2. Breastfeed longer
  3. Lay off the McDonald’s cheeseburgers and the JP Licks milkshakes during my pregnancy
  4. Start my consulting business a year before I had him, not now
  5. Try and be a little bit more relaxed about everything

5 Things I would do exactly the same

  1. Get the epidural
  2. Quit my job and cash in my 401k so I could stay home with my baby
  3. Go with #3672
  4. Become so enraged that a friend of mine and her family are harassed by a bigot in Brookline Village, that I start a gay parenting blog.
  5. Defy James Dobson, Mitt Romney, Ron Crews and every other homophobe, and create a family with my wife and son!


fudgie99 said...

Yeah for us!! We are the ideal American family- love, laughter, and figuring it out along the way!
the other mother

googiebaba said...

You! are the best wife, and make it all worth while.

A said...

I love this list!! As a father of two I smiled at every one of the items in both lists!

Thanks for sharing.


googiebaba said...

Thanks for stopping by Avinash!

Housewife said...

Oh I'm so excited to find this blog.

Your sperm donor has a number???

I'm fascinated... I'm riveted...

I'm so fucking suburban it's shameful.

googiebaba said...

Hi Housewife, yes, he does have a number. When we went to look for a sperm donor, you search online through databases the various agencies' have. They will tell you a bunch of stuff, SAT scores, physical attributes, what they are studying. And then you can buy baby photos, audio interviews etc. I wasted tons of time at work doing just that.