Sunday, March 04, 2007

All Set for Tomorrow

Here are the things I have laid out for my first day back at work

  • Pack and play for lil' guy to take his naps in
  • Supply of diapers
  • Bag of "transitional objects" to make his transition to day care easier. They include a few books, his Curious George monkey and a truck
  • Set of clothes for lil' guy
  • My shoes
  • Immunization Records and other paperwork
  • My purse with reading material (The New Yorker magazine)
  • Picture of me and my baby for me to look at during work hours


There are a few things I can't put out yet, but I need to remember - my lunch, his bottle of soy milk, his shoes and my work outfit.

If I have the energy tomorrow, I will log on and let everyone know how it all went.

1 comment:

Housewife said...

Just work hard and the time will fly.

You all planned and saved and worked so you could have the first year and what an important year it is.

I'm also noting what a clean home you have.

I'm kvelling.