Friday, March 09, 2007


We made it through one week! My lil’ guy seems to still know who I am. And the best part is that we get to hang out all day tomorrow. I am not doing an ounce of housework. I am just going to play with my baby.

Here are a few things that have happened to me in the last week that haven’t happened in a long time:

  • A guy tried to pick me up! He asked me if I was married. I said yes. He asked where my husband was and then he was confused when I said I didn’t have a husband.

  • A lady tried to get me to come to her church. One of the many nice things about being a SAHM is that you cut down dramatically on those encounters.

  • Honest to god – I almost sat in shit this morning. Someone had defecated on the bus.

For this I am separated from my flesh and blood.


Kim said...

This post makes me happy that I never figured out how to ride city buses!

Glad that things seem to be going well at daycare and at work!

Kim said...

If you get a chance, can you email me? I have a (random) question to ask you!

Housewife said...

1. The pick up - it's always a weird thing. Do they NOT notice the ring? Do you wear a ring? It's totally offensive when I'm wearing my ring 99.999% of the time and someone hits on me. Do I LOOK like a cheater? Ick.

2. The church lady? Did she get a toaster? I know you'll get one b/c I may vote *gulp* democrat.

3. the shit - I can't even comment. No, I have to comment. How and When would someone crap on a bus?

"For this I am separated from my flesh and blood."

To keep your marriage in tact and to care of your fiscal responsibility. You aren't doing this for a new BMW, you're doing this because your home needs the cash.

Keep it in perspective and enjoy the play time.

googiebaba said...

Hey Kim and Housewife.

1. Yes, I do wear a ring. However, it didn't matter because this all happened outside and it was 7 degrees that day. I was covered in head to toe, and might as well have been wearing a burka. I think this makes the whole situation funnier.
2. I could really use a new toaster.
3.I really want to tell you guys more about this shit situation, but I am afraid to gross everyone out.

Rosie said...

Please. I don't want to know about the shit situation. please.

The first two things happen to me on a monthly basis even being a stay at home farmer. In fact, the church thing happens at least once a week here.

The shit thing...this is what I love about not being in the city. You's not that there isn't any lack of poo here, but it's goat poo.