Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bad Attitude

I think I was in denial about this, but my company is sending me on a business trip for a conference across the country tomorrow. I am sad and resentful to be away from my family. Jen pointed out that we have never been apart since we started dating years ago.

The office manager at work found out that I was being sent to the conference and she said I was lucky. I responded that I was actually upset to be away from my son. Her response floored me. She said, “Oh, enjoy the break!” I just smiled, but I was thinking, “Why would I want a break from my kid?” This is woman who told me that day care was a great thing.

This conversation got me thinking. My boss is going to the conference almost a whole day early. I asked him why and he said he didn’t like being rushed. He works 12 hour days easy. He’s a vice president, so he might have to, but why go to a conference a day early?

Do people work to avoid there families?

My co-workers are nice and all, but for me, I would take Jen and lil’ guy any day. The only thing I am really looking forward to on this trip is reading on the plane.


michelle said...

hi, read your blog always and love it! on the rare occasion my husband goes out for drinks with work people he always gets comments about going home early and absolute shock horror that he actully wants to be home with his wife and son. try as he may, they just dont get it when he explains that if he wants a big night out, he would prefer if it was with me... cause get this... we are friends! i'm a housewife, lucky enough to be a full time mum, and i am always surprised when i'm asked if i get bored at home all day, like my 18 month old isn't the best fun ever. we are the lucky few... we like our loved ones! chel

Paul said...

If you go to law school you may miss the "good old days" of business trips! It has to be at least as bad as divinity school and it seems like for the duration I basically stayed in my room reading. But of course it can end up being well worth being more or less "grounded" for a while for reasons like that.

Rosie said...

I sort of know how you feel. When I was at CNN they decided to send me to Las Vegas for this big media convention for an entire week. Never mind that the entire point of my job was that I was a "point person" ie stays in one place and manipulates things from afar. You know me, I sound like someone who loves Las Vegas?

Anyway, it was a miserable time. But I got back at them. Spent every morning in the hotel spa getting expensive foot massages and pedicures and charged it to the company.

googiebaba said...

Thanks for stopping by Michelle and Paul. Paul, I've been meaning to comment on your blog for a few days, but um, I have to THINK first. I am not up for thinking right now.

Hi Rosie, I can just picture you and Bossy Toe getting pedicures at the Venetian.