Saturday, May 13, 2006

On second thought....

First off, I wanted to thank the posters for their thoughtful comments. I was interested in what dwg had to say about interaction with people with different views. Thinking back over my experiences, I have seen people question their assumptions and change, and dwg is probably right, it has more to do with relationships then anything else. My guess is it depends upon the individual’s willingness to be open to new ideas.

I also felt a little reprimanded by Buddistmom for the aggressiveness of my post. I want to justify it, but the truth is, I am a bit of an aggressive person, which is probably a character defect. Alas, I am not a Buddist, but an Episcopalian where aggressiveness is well integrated into the religion. Foreign domination is their most effective evangelical tool. We conquer your country, and then if you want to eat, sign up.

I have a funny side note to this. I was talking to my wife this morning about our son’s personality. He seems reserved and thoughtful to me. And I mentioned that I thought he was like me, you know, reserved and low key. She laughed at me, and then gave me a look like, who are you kidding. All she said was, “that’s not how I experience you.” We can’t always see ourselves clearly.

I also want to mention that my wife is a much better person than I am. I mean it. Her whole life is dedicated to helping others, and she rarely gets angry. In fact, the times I have seen her angry, I was being a completely unreasonable ass. I don’t know why she married me. There is mercy in the universe.

One last thing, I was tempted to post pictures of my baby on the site, but he is sooo cute that I am afraid someone out there in cyberspace would be tempted to come steal him. I think he maybe the best looking kid ever…

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